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Moving Day

I am leaving my current position on Friday and for some reason my boss has decided that the person taking over my current desk should move there today. I am not quite sure of the logic behind this, it just pissed me off. Why would you make me move 3 days prior to my last day? What’s the point of me packing all of my stuff just to put it on a new desk for 3 days. It’s things I need for my job so it’s not like I can just leave it packed up. UGH!!!!


Climb high, climb far…your goal the sky, your aim, the stars.

-Love Dove

My pup

My pup

My dog’s name is Dixie. I adopted her from the Maine Lab Rescue where she was found with her brothers at a pond in Georgia. I knew from the first picture of her that I wanted her.

She is such a handful though! She is a very hyper dog. Always wants to play. She snuggles with me in bed at night and wakes me up between 5-5:30 am everyday. Certainly knows how to get my day started.

This morning I took her swimming to get her tired out before she goes into her crate for the day while everyone is at work. If I wasn’t working late I would bring her to doggie daycare which she absolutely loves! She plays with her pack and gets all tuckered out for me 🙂

I love my pup, she’s my child. Anyone else have animal pets they love??

The Voice

I’m not the biggest fan of reality TV shows, but this season I have gotten into the Voice. I’ve always hated it in the past because of Cee Low Green. He’s always bothered me and I feel that he has no reason to be on television. With Usher and Blake Shelton together it makes it fantastic!! Love both of those men. I’ve been sitting at my computer enjoying a few glasses of Riesling enjoying the finale.

Who will win?? Danielle? Swon Brothers? Michelle Chamuel??

What the 5 cent deposit??

5 cent

I work at a family convenient store part time and this customer the other day asks me “What is that 5 cent deposit you rung up?” I’m quite dumbfounded by this because I’m 24, this gentlemen is over 60, and he asks me this?

I say “That’s the bottle deposit that you just paid on your two drinks.”

Man says, “Huh is that new?”

Once again, dumbfounded. I’ve known about this since I can remember and I know it’s been around for years. Also this customer has been coming into the store for about 12 years.

Since I didn’t really know the meaning behind the 5 cent deposit. Turns out the bottle deposit was initiated to help recycling and reduce beverage containers along the highway. I’m not entirely sure that has helped much.